SecureLink releases Annual Security Report

December 6, 2018

In 2018, companies under 1000 people experiences 5 times more incidents per person. SecureLink has summarised this and other developments in its Annual Security Report.

SecureLink, a leading independent European cybersecurity provider, is publishing its Annual Security Report for 2018. SecureLink has analysed more than a quarter of a million security events at its Cyber Defense Center this year. By analysing that data, SecureLink investigates current trends and developments. Some of the gained insights are (conclusions are):

  • companies under 1000 people experienced 5 times more incidents per person, than larger organisations
  • the average incident severity has increased, but critical incidents have decreased
  • cryptojacking attacks fluctuate with bitcoin price, as criminals revert to ransomware
  • experienced criminals execute semi-targeted attacks, combining sabotage and extortion

Thomas Fetten, CEO of SecureLink, says “in 2018 we have seen new attack types, but people’s behaviour remains the biggest weakness. Organisations should be resilient against a baseline of attacks, but veteran criminals and APTs are upping the ante. Our goal is to share the valuable information that we obtain every day – and to solve the most complex challenges of cybersecurity.”

Eward Driehuis, Chief Research Officer, says: “the times when cybercriminals were our only worry, are now over. The motivations of APT groups include destruction, espionage and theft. Many organisations become collateral damage. Experienced criminals operate more subtly, therefore we need to adapt our risk models.”

SecureLink warns attacks can’t all be prevented. “Technology has vastly improved over the last years” Fetten explains. “Many incidents, requiring manual attention a few years ago, can today be automated and prevented. As targeted attacks increase, many organisations need to think about detection and response, as extra layers on top of this. With EDR and MDR, unprecedented incidents can be handled.”

More details can be found in the SecureLink’s Annual Security Report for 2018.

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